Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Sinoceratops (Tower Shield – Green)


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The Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Sinoceratops (Tower Shield – green). A fantastic Sinoceratops dinosaur model in 1:35 scale.

33 in stock

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The Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Sinoceratops (Tower Shield – green). An amazing model of a Sinoceratops by Nanmu Studio. The Nanmu Studio Sinoceratops, an amazing model of a horned dinosaur.

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2 reviews for Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Sinoceratops (Tower Shield – Green)

  1. Erwin Villa

    For me the best horned dinosaur out there in the market. And one more thing… the collectible in the pictures is gorgeous, but on hands is just the best!

    100% recommended.

    Thank you again Everything Dinosaur for the excellent service as always.

  2. Jurassic James (verified owner)

    Fantastic screen accuracy in this model as it is clearly based on the sinoceratops from fallen Kingdom. The colour and texture match very well to what we see in the film including the holes in the frill. I gave the feel that the animal is on the older side but that’s just my opinion with the wear and tear. It has a feel of Ema from Disney’s dinosaur for anyone who’s seen that film.

    My favourite thing about this model is the detail on the horns, they also feel real to the touch. The eyes are good too almost human looking and crisply painted not sure if thats what we see on screen but a nice touch . Its great that the head is also poseable something often missing on other herbivorous models especially ceratopsians that we often think of as animals that display and charge. One thing that impresses me with nanmu models is that they come with figure based on characters from the film. I only with that this figure would of come with Owen Grady rather than Denise Nedry.

    For those looking fir a screen accurate sinoceratops this is great, I was considering the pnso so I had a sinoceratops but glad I purchased this one instead as I like models that remind me of jp/jw so don’t always gave to be accurate to me.

    Thanks for a great service as always.

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