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Natural History Museum Megalosaurus


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Megalosaurus 1:40 scale. A fantastic London Natural History Museum Megalosaurus dinosaur model.

4 in stock


A wonderful model of a Megalosaurus by the London Natural History Museum. A fantastic replica of a Natural History Museum Megalosaurus. A Megalosaurus dinosaur model.

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Weight 150 g



Length 17 cm Height 9.5 cm


meg-ah-LOH-sore-us (great lizard)

2 reviews for Natural History Museum Megalosaurus

  1. rocker

    The model Megalosaurus is probably the best one on the market that is available compared to the collecta version that is just down right inferior to the one made by the Natural History Museum, at a scale 1;40 this one of the smallest carnivorous dinosaurs, but it is still worth purchasing if only to replace the Kangeroo stance of the collecta Meglasosaurus. N.H.M, have done a fair decent make over on their model compared to the one made by collecta who just spray a top coat on the coloured plastic body, but N.H.M have gone to town with their model of this British Dinosaur, nuff said.

  2. Utah Dinosaur Fan

    Thanks for all the help and advice. Really like the models and your excellent customer service.

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