/, Schleich/Marshland Set 4 (Schleich Mini Dino Landscape)

Marshland Set 4 (Schleich Mini Dino Landscape)


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Four Schleich mini prehistoric animal models and a twenty-four piece waterhole landscape jigsaw puzzle.

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An beautifully crafted twenty-four piece jigsaw puzzle of a marshland landscape featuring four Schleich mini dinosaur models a Kentrosaurus, a Triceratops with blue patterns, a Velociraptor and a splendid Suchomimus.

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Marshland Set 4 ( Schleich Mini Dino Landscape) with the Schleich mini dinosaur figures Suchomimus, Triceratops, Velociraptor and Kentrosaurus


Jigsaw puzzle size 18cm by 24cm approx. Model size = 6.5cm approx.


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