Lambeosaurus Dinosaur

///Lambeosaurus Dinosaur

Lambeosaurus Dinosaur


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A hand-painted, high quality model of Lambeosaurus, a duck-billed dinosaur with a bizarre headcrest. A super quality model from the Procon dinosaurs and Collecta dinosaurs ranges.

1 in stock


A highly detailed model of the huge, duck-billed dinosaur Lambeosaurus. A super model of Lambeosaurus, great for creative, imaginative play. Part of the Collecta dinosaurs and Procon dinosaurs ranges.

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Lam-bee-oh-sore-us (Lambe's Lizard)


Length 16 cm



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  1. James

    The only company to make a lambeosarus. This one is a strange mixture, with the big muscular hadrosaur tail that’s been confirmed by the “Dakota” dinosaur mummy but oddly mammalian back feet and a very fat body. However if you like Hadrosaurs (which are woefully under-represented amongst model collections) this is a “must-have”. As always incredible service and fast delivery from a completely reliable and decent company.

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