Fossil Box


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A box featuring real fossils. A set of fossils to start off your very own fossil collection. Set features Ammonites, sharks teeth and crinoids amongst others. 290 million years of geological time in a box.

3 in stock


A fossil box, featuring 50 million year-old shark teeth, ammonite fossils, brachiopods and crinoid fossils dating from 340 million years ago. A great way to start a fossil collection.
Ideal for young palaeontologists and for school projects. A box featuring real fossils.

Fossils come in an amazing variety! These are some of the fossils you may find in your box: shark tooth, trilobite, nautiloid, crinoid, brachiopod and ammonite.

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Assorted fossils in a box.


8 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm




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