Eofauna Triceratops dinosaur models Cryptic and Dominant

Eofauna Triceratops dinosaur models Cryptic and Dominant


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Buy the pair of Triceratops models (Cryptic and Dominant) by Eofauna. Two amazing Triceratops sp. dinosaur models by Eofauna Scientific Research.

5 in stock

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The Eofauna Scientific Research Triceratops models (Cryptic and Dominant). Two amazing models of Triceratops. Buy the pair! Eofauna Triceratops dinosaur models Cryptic and Dominant.

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3 reviews for Eofauna Triceratops dinosaur models Cryptic and Dominant

  1. Yutaka Furui (verified owner)

    – Sculpt (5/5): very detailed. Lovely long horns! Perfect for 1/35 scale collection!
    – Paint (4.75/5): very unique colouring but realistic at the same time! A slight paint error was found.
    – Delivery (5/5): everything dinosaur shipped super quick! 2 weeks for the shipment from UK to Japan
    – OVER ALL ★★★★★ Thank you everything dinosaur!!

  2. Yutaka

    I have just received now and both Cryptic and Dominant versions look so beautiful. It’s my first figure from Eofauna and I like how unique the Triceratops are.

    Those figures are carefully packed and nothing was damaged from the travel UK to Japan.

  3. William Shields (verified owner)

    Eofauna’s first two releases of 2021 are of the spectacular Tricerotop “Yoshi’s Trike” after it’s discoverer Yoshi Katsura.
    Unearthed in 2010 now housed within the
    Museum of the Rockies.

    Yoshi’s Trike” (MOR 3027), which is a very large Triceratops specimen with nearly four foot long horn cores.
    Yoshi belongs  to yet an undescribed  Triceratops species (“Ugrosaurus olsoni “) older then either Triceratops horridus or Triceratop prorsus but sharing intermediate characteristics of both.
    In life “Yoshi” was 3 metres at the hip and weighted 9.5 tonnes.
    It’s these little touches that makes Eofauna so beloved of collectors of accurate figures.

    All Eofauna’s figures are available here from our Good Friends at EVERYTHING DINOSAUR.

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