Eofauna T. rex Model

Eofauna T. rex Model


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A fantastic, museum quality replica of Tyrannosaurus rex by Eofauna. A wonderful Eofauna T. rex model in 1:35 scale. The Eofauna T. rex is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex fact sheet.

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The Eofauna Scientific Research T. rex model. A fantastic, museum quality replica of Tyrannosaurus rex. A 1:35 scale model of T. rex with an articulated jaw. The Eofauna Scientific Research Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model is supplied with a removeable base permitting the figure to be displayed with or without its display base.

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2 reviews for Eofauna T. rex Model

  1. Suspsy (verified owner)

    Eofauna Tyrannosaurus rex

    The biggest known land carnivore, the most famous and popular dinosaur, and a true cultural icon, Tyrannosaurus rex boasts more toys and models to its name than any other prehistoric animal, and companies are sure to keep on churning out more of them, especially as our understanding of the animal continues to evolve, Here we’ll be taking a look at Eofauna’s new 2024 T. rex.

    This figure is posed in a very fluid walking stance with its right foot planted firmly, its left foot raised in mid-step, its tail swinging to the right and curled at the tip, and its head tilted to the right as well. It measures about 32 cm long and 12 cm tall. While it stands fairly well on its own, it comes with a simple stand sculpted to look like muddy ground. The T. rex attaches securely to the two pegs via holes in its feet, thereby ensuring that no unfortunate and potentially damaging falls may occur. You never know with these theropod toys! Attaching it to the base also allows for greater interaction with other toys, as seen in the accompanying images.

    The colour scheme is very reminiscent of a Nile monitor lizard’s or an Australian perentie’s. The main colours are black and dark yellow with elaborate speckled patterning on the sides of the neck, torso, and tail. Dark grey stripes run down the back and there is a streak of brown running down the snout. The eyes are yellow and the claws are black. Finally, the teeth are off white and the inside of the mouth is glossy pink with black hyperpigmentation spots all over. The latter is an unusual touch and may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it. The lower jaw is hinged to allow the mouth to open to an angle of around 30 degrees or close firmly.

    This toy was based on the famous and nearly complete FMNH PR 2081 specimen known as “Sue.” As such, it has been sculpted to look absolutely massive, indeed more so than pretty much all previous T. rex toys. The head is appropriately huge, the neck is short and deep, the ribcage is bulging, and the hind legs and tail are sturdy and muscular. Everything about this beast seems to scream raw power, but also a certain grace and majesty.

    Looking closer at the toy, one can see that the skin has a very fine pebbled texture, with plenty of wrinkles that give it an elephantine appearance. There is also a speculative and sparse coat of feathers on the cranium, the neck, and the back. The head features the familiar brow ridges that were probably employed during intraspecific conflict. And finally, this T. rex sports lips which completely cover up the teeth when its mouth is closed, in keeping with the latest research. This, along with the forward facing eyes, makes the animal come off as distinctly less monstrous and reptilian. It almost seems more like a great bear instead. Its gender is wholly indeterminate, but I’ve opted to interpret mine as a mature male by the simple yet descriptive moniker of “Butcher.” :)

    The Eofauna Tyrannosaurus rex is a true masterpiece, one that successfully captures the essence of the tyrant lizard sovereign, and ought to be considered a must-have for any collector of prehistoric toys. Thank you, Everything Dinosaur, and keep up the great work!

  2. William Bratton (verified owner)

    Great service by Everything Dinosaur, they even went the extra mile to check the eyes on mine, cannot recommend Everything Dinosaur enough! Great figures, the best Tyrannosaurus on the market. Eofauna went out of their way to follow the science on this one.
    Eofauna accurately replicating reptilian extra oral tissue in Tyrannosaurus (dentition concealed / covered by gum tissue as in Varanids) and the most likely model for Tyrannosaurus integument (what I call the ” owl foot model” with scattered filaments in between and/ or atop reticulae).

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