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A fantastic, museum quality replica of Atlasaurus by Eofauna. An amazing Eofauna Scientific Research Atlasaurus dinosaur model.

28 in stock

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A fantastic Eofauna Atlasaurus dinosaur model in 1:40 scale. An incredible, museum quality replica of a dinosaur by Eofauna. An Eofauna Scientific Research Atlasaurus dinosaur model.

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4 reviews for Eofauna Atlasaurus

  1. f.a.sarabia007 (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping and delivery for a UNIQUE model.
    B e a u t i f u l

    A lot Better than those pnso and by a gorgeous price

  2. luisoaft (verified owner)

    Preciosa figura, muy detallada!

  3. erwinkostense (verified owner)

    An absolutely stunning figure. A real eye catcher, meticulously designed and detailed. Great heft to the figure, large in size and beautiful paint application. Very much recommended.

  4. William Shields (verified owner)

    Eofauna’s Atlasaurus imelakei is their stunning fifth figure and is 2020 finest of Sauropod figures released.
    And their second dinosaur of the series and a premiere for the species it’s self.

    First discovered and described twenty years ago in 1999 from the Atlas mountains of Morocco by the team of Monbaron, Russell & Taquet.

    At first glance it resembles the JP fan favourite the Brachiosaurus but in fact their not closely related other then having relationship within the Superfamily of sauropods

    Let us begin with the top of the Atlasaurus with the classical sauropod head sculpt with a strong nasal chamber all nicely caught in the model.

    Regarding the eyes there is a bright glint of mischief,no dull lumbering behemoth presented to us but a living active animal.
    There’s a fantastic little smile that sets it apart from all other Sauropod figures on the market.

    Especially nice touch the yellow around those yellow eyes and nasal chamber with a broad yellow throat ban which sets off by the blue hue of the skin from face downwards of the entire trunk of the neck.

    Their choice to model the skin colour after elephants with grey banding very well chosen which sets of the entire animal’s skin making it so very natural to behold.
    I love the grey stripes on front & back legs and rib cage spot on .

    Tho the neck may be not as long as the Brachiosaurus’s but as muscular nicely captured just right in every aspect.

    It possesses a similar sloped back seen in many of the Giraffatitan family but with a solid array dermal bumps runs from the back of the neck to tail are similar to those seen within the Titanosaurids as a protective armour to ward off such Megalosauridae as
    “Afrovenator abakensis”.

    The small touches such as the skin folds in the stomach are sublimely done with dark toe nails front and back with nice large hind feet toes to the skin wrinkles in the back legs very choice indeed.

    The tail is shorter then the
    Diplodocidae but with a sturdiness that in life would have been a useful weapon to wield in personnel defence or a younger member within the herd.

    Forelimbs are straight and thin but sturdy and very elephantine but then rearlimbs are very much larger and robust with those wonderful flat pads which support their
    20-22tonnes over all forms of terrain be from swampy or desert.
    Most likely a more active race then heavier it’s more massive kindred.

    In weight the model has good heft and is steady on all four limbs.
    All paint applications correct and carefully applied.

    One can picture the scene of an ancient valley of Morocco 160 millions years ago of the Middle Jurassic a majestic herd of giants from the mature matron to hatchlings gambling threw the legs of the adults all grazing steadly upon the conifers and ferns.

    Let me speak for all the Eofauna & Paleo model collectors a like we all look forward to seeing what Team Eofauna will delight us with in 2020 we’ll wait ever so patiently.

    Truelly “Atlasaurus imelakei” is the Giant of Myth & legend which holds up the heavens “.

    Remember to watch past & future reviews of all Eofauna figures from your favourite reviewers.

    Remember when we support Eofauna we gain more then just the ownership of a model,we are supporting them with their fantastic research and so we assist to further palaeontology discoveries and by doing so we enrich the world.

    But none of my review would have been possible without Sue & Mike and the entire Team at Everythingdinosaur.
    Thank you all for another Wonderful Purchase from the Premiere Dino Store

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