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///Collecta Xiongguanlong

Collecta Xiongguanlong


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A hand-painted replica of the early Tyrannosaur called Xiongguanlong by Collecta. A Collecta Xiongguanlong dinosaur model.

32 in stock


A superb model of the early Tyrannosaur from China called Xiongguanlong by Collecta. A Collecta Xiongguanlong dinosaur model, a beautiful, feathered Tyrannosaur.

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shong-gwan-long (Grand Pass Dragon)


Length 9.5 cm, Height of head 4.5 cm approx.



1 review for Collecta Xiongguanlong

  1. Jamraptor

    CollectA standard issue quality of a rather obscure therapod. Very well defined but a little too fat at the hips. Done a proper review on youtube, but overall id say this is very naturalistic and feels more like a hunting fox than traditional dinosaur.

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