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A lovely model of the horned dinosaur Utahceratops. A CollectA Utahceratops, a horned dinosaur from the Cretaceous.

11 in stock

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A super model of the horned dinosaur Utahceratops. A CollectA Utahceratops, a huge, horned dinosaur. A CollectA Utahceratops dinosaur model.

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Length 12 cm




Yoo-tah-sera-tops (Horned face from Utah)

3 reviews for CollectA Utahceratops

  1. Elizabeth

    When I looked at the model on-line, my eye almost skated over it because of the sober colour scheme. However, the camera doesn’t do it justice. The dark/pale beige with a flash of red is beautifully rendered on the model and very subtle. I particularly like the patterning on the shield. Definitely not a model to ignore, it’s very attractive indeed.

  2. Matthew

    I orderd this model along with the Kosmoceratops and its a beautiful model. The model has an orginal colour scheme, sort of a beige colour with a dark brown and streekes of white along its flanks. This model is very good and deserves a place alongside its companion Kosmoceratops on collectors selves everywhere.

  3. bobcat

    Another fantastic Ceratopsian. Seems to be slightly different to the advertised paint finish and this is good in my opinion. The CollectA models are tops for quality, what next?
    Diabloceratops would be good !!!

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