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A fantastic model of a “Scythe Lizard” – Therizinosaurus. A CollectA Therizinosaurus model.

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A super model of a huge, clawed Therizinosaurus. A CollectA Therizinosaurus model, a dinosaur with huge claws, a CollectA prehistoric life Therizinosaurus dinosaur model.

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Weight 120 g

Length 15 cm, Height of head 12 cm




ther-iz-in-oh-sore-us (Scythe reptile)

8 reviews for CollectA Therizinosaurus

  1. 4912795887

    cant wait to buy this i will support u guys in any way

  2. cepimax.13 (verified owner)

    awesome model of therizinosaurus! quality and detail wise is at par with other recent models of therizinosaurus out there. a must to have for dino collectors 🙂

  3. Ray

    Collecta did it right with this one. The model is small but very highly detailed I really love this. The face and feathers are detailed. It was packed very well by E.D with bubble wrap and protecting and preventing the arms and claws from bending out of shape in transit. I am very happy with this model and with this service.

  4. cryptojohn

    Nice model colour good and stands well, not a bad size.

  5. Jake

    This is a great dino.

  6. Elizabeth

    Your customer service is exceptional.

  7. funky_obali (verified owner)

    Everything is perfect in this model, from the head (at the same time bird-like and reptile-like) to the proto-feathers (mix of colours). The Carnegie’s Therizinosaurus seems really stiff in comparison.

  8. bobcat

    At long last, a good quality sculpt. of this very strange beast. Much, much better than the orange vulture and a welcome addition to the CollectA range. Great little model, bought it straight away.

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