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CollectA T. rex with Prey (Struthiomimus)


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A model of Tyrannosaurus rex with its dinner. A CollectA T. rex with Struthiomimus prey.

7 in stock

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A CollectA T. rex with prey (Struthiomimus). A T. rex with prey model from CollectA. A CollectA Tyrannosaurus rex with prey model.

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Weight 165 g

Length 23 cm, Height of head 8 cm




tie-ran-oh-sore-us (tyrant lizard king)

1 review for CollectA T. rex with Prey (Struthiomimus)

  1. bobcat

    like the dead Triceratops, I can imagine that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, on the other hand it is very realistic and Dinos have to eat ! Personally, I think it’s a great idea, which has stolen a leap on the competition, in addition to a new Trex. sculpt which is the latest interpretation of this much studied creature.

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