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A super, hand-painted model of a swimming Spinosaurus. A CollectA swimming Spinosaurus dinosaur model.

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A fantastic, hand-painted model showing one of the latest interpretations of Spinosaurus. A superb CollectA prehistoric life swimming dinosaur model. This new replica is based on the Ibrahim et al scientific paper. A CollectA swimming Spinosaurus.

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Length 24 cm approx. Height of model 8 cm approx.




spy-no-sore-us (thorn lizard)

11 reviews for CollectA Swimming Spinosaurus

  1. flaviod21 (verified owner)

    This is a great Spinosaur model, even after all these years and the newly discoveries about the tail. It’s sad that it has been retired and I hope CollectA will release a brand new Spinosaurus based on the latest reconstructions of 2020.
    However the pose on this model is the most dynamic swimming one I have ever seen for a Spinosaurus model.
    It’s well sculpted, well painted and it looks alive!
    Thank you very much Everything Dinosaur!!! 🙂

  2. Shanicedebie (verified owner)

    I had the deluxe spinosaurus and I just needed this little guy too. I’m surprised how little they ask for this price wise, for how beautiful it looks with all the details it has. I could not find this figure anywhere cheaper. This store offers quality, for the best price, and has great service to aid and help with questions. I will def buy again from here.

  3. franciscoadrianooliveiradaluz (verified owner)

    Very beautiful figures. Arrived fast, I’m very happy. Thank you very much.

  4. SpinoDude Reviews (verified owner)

    This figure is fantastic for the price, the detail and color scheme is very similar to that of a modern day crocodile. Everything Dinosaur sent this figure with the greatest of service very efficiently, I definitely recommend it!

  5. autismdad

    Great service, great value made my son’s Christmas this year. He tells me it’s based on the latest research of how these creatures were built. Very happy. Cheers everything dinosaur

  6. Estemmenosuchus (verified owner)

    Thank you all at EverythingDinosaur for providing this wonderful website for dino lovers to purchase their desired dino toys and products at a reasonable price!
    I would also like to thank Mike of his friendliness and helpfulness towards customers. He replied every one of my emails and phone calls with patience.
    The time taken for the package to arrive was surprisingly fast! The products were carefully wrapped in layers of bubble foam to ensure that the models came in perfect condition, without a scratch. the shipping fees were also very reasonable.
    I am very pleased with EverythingDinosaur’s customer service and I hope in the future, I will be ordering from you again! 🙂

  7. Estemmenosuchus

    This figure is not the largest in the Procon Dino Collection, but it sure is a gem. This 22.5cm long figure is packed with astonishing details.
    It’s skin texture is similar to a crocodile’s, from small fine scales to large rough osteoderms. I especially like the attention to detail in the head, it has its signature long crocodile-like mouth filled with individually sculpted teeth. Most of the teeth aren’t even 1mm long. Collecta gave spinosaurus a small vibrant yellow crest right in between its eyes which is always a plus. Its natural colours can are very realistic as spinosaurus lived in swamps and rivers.
    I love this spinosaurus’s pose, it looks like it is slowly paddling across the river, with its long jaws wide open, waiting to snap up any fishes that are careless enough to swim right in front of its mouth…
    Overall I give this figure a 10/10, not only did Collecta bravely make a quadruped spinosaurus according to recent findings, they also put in a lot of time and effort in bringing this creature to life

  8. champs

    Got this one for my nephew. Exactly the same as the deluxe one but smaller. Good quality model.Good price as well and good service from everything dinosaur as they are the best suppliers around.

  9. Manuel

    Dinosaurs received and they are splendid! Perfect packaging and fast delivery.

  10. Elizabeth

    Superb personal service as usual. Even though I’ve never met you or Mike, you always come across as so friendly, interested in your customers’ welfare – not to mention so efficient. The models arrived safely yesterday. Lovely models, beautifully packed.

  11. Rhiannon

    This is a very good quality figure, it’s beautifully sculpted with lots of textures, it’s brightly coloured and it fits current anatomical restorations very well. The dainty little mouth is full of fine teeth and the feet are webbed. Whether or not the new interpretation holds up to further discoveries, this is an excellent model and very much worth having! I highly recommend it. Thank you very much to the whole team at Everything Dinosaur for your consistently wonderful service!

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