Collecta Struthiomimus

///Collecta Struthiomimus

Collecta Struthiomimus


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A wonderful model of the dinosaur called Struthiomimus by Collecta. A Collecta Struthiomimus dinosaur model.

5 in stock


A hand-painted model of Struthiomimus by Collecta. A wonderful model of an “ostrich mimic” dinosaur by Collecta. A Collecta Struthiomimus dinosaur model.

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Strooth-ee-oh-mime-us (Ostrich Mimic)


Length 11 cm



2 reviews for Collecta Struthiomimus

  1. Robert Dino Modeller

    I bought two of these small dinosaur figures from Everything Dinosaur. Since Struthiomimus was a small dinosaur, about as tall as a six foot man, and the scale is 1/40, then it shouldn’ t be a large and expensive figure. This means that it fits in nicely with other dinosaur models of the same scale such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Edmontosaurus, which lived at the same time and place as Struthiomimus. It is finely detailed with thin slender arms and legs like the real animal was. The little plastic base means that unlike my Gallimimus figure, it doesn’t keep falling over on my model dioramas. I wonder what a Collecta model Ornithomimus would be made like? A different colour perhaps?

  2. Elizabeth

    Not a showy model, but beautifully elegant and detailed. It gives a good feel for the swift-running “ostrich mimic” dinosaurs and is a very up-to-date portrayal. Recommended.

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