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A detailed model of the “bone-headed” dinosaur Pachycephalosaurus by CollectA. A CollectA Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur model.

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A CollectA Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur model, great for creative play. Model is on a stand and shows lots of brilliant detail. A CollectA prehistoric life Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur model.

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Weight 40 g



Pack-ee-SEF-a-lo-sore-us (Thick-headed Lizard)


Length 10 cm, Height of head 5 cm

3 reviews for CollectA Pachycephalosaurus

  1. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    This is a minute figurine, but nonetheless it’s rather well detailed and painted for its size. It’s not perfect, and may disappear and be overlooked among other models in a collection. But it’s pretty and has real character in its little face! It’s a figure to be displayed and appreciated rather than extensively played with.

  2. Matthew (verified owner)

    Pachycephalosaurus is one of the most recognisable dinosaurs because of its domed head. This model is small, so has its own base to help with stability. There’s even some leaves beneath its feet! Its incredibly detailed, even its hands have the correct number of digits! This is an excellent model for 2013 and is one the best Pachycephalosaur models ever produced.

  3. bobcat

    This is absolutely tops !!!. Beautifully modelled in exquisite detail, wonderful posture and one of the most realistic finishes yet seen. 12 out of 10.
    Magnificent !!!

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