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Megalosaurus Dinosaur Model


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A hand-painted, high quality model of Megalosaurus, the first dinosaur to be scientifically named and described. The CollectA prehistoric life Megalosaurus dinosaur model.

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A CollectA Megalosaurus dinosaur model, a fearsome meat-eater from the Jurassic. A super model of Megalosaurus, great for creative, imaginative play. The CollectA prehistoric life Meglosaurus dinosaur model.

Additional information

Weight 92 g

meg-ah-LOH-sore-us (Great lizard)


Length 17 cm



4 reviews for Megalosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. tj

    I am hoping to pick this model up soon mainly because Megalosaurus lived in Britain and I’m British and I love British dinosaurs but also because it would make a unique addition to my collection.

  2. rocker

    Well one of the best models of this species of Dinosaur that I have seen, and with a nice not too expensive cost of this model, in fact a bargain for a model of this carnivorous dinosaur, in fact it’s a lot better than the cheap one I recently purchased in the South West.

  3. Megalosaurus (verified owner)

    This figure has an overall good sculpt. It depicts a robust dinosaur, which I like.
    Its arms are like in retro reconstructions, this is a piano player dinosaur, which can be cool if you like it.
    Its skin is no scaly, but folded and full of wrinkles.
    The model can stand in its two feet. The tail is a counterbalance, so it doesn’t touch the ground.
    The teeth are short and rounded. In my figure, one side of the upper teeth seems to be shorter than the other.
    The paintwork is ok, although very discrete. Main color is reddish-brown, its underside is than-yellowish. Its claws are brown. Its eyes are yellow with black cat pupils. The inside of the mouth is painted pink and the teeth are white. Personally, i think other colors and patterns will make it look better.
    The conclusion: A decent figure. Perfect as a toy. Not bad for collectors, but the teeth and colors could have been much better.

  4. George’s mum

    I originally bought 8 dinos and was so impressed with the personalised e-mails, well packaged / great quality products when posted the next day, and to top it all the fact sheet that comes with every dino, for those hard to answer questions (but what did he eat? how big was he? ) etc.
    The amazing quality of the models and the fact I have been unable to find such a large selection of ‘named’ dinos anywhere on the internet have meant I then purchased another 17! You just don’t get this standard of service or this large range of models anywhere else…..all that and the price is unbeatable too!!!

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