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Liliensternus (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs)


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A lovely model of this Late Triassic meat-eater Liliensternus. A super model of Liliensternus. The CollectA prehistoric life Liliensternus dinosaur model.

4 in stock


Liliensternus (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs), Liliensternus stalked the low lying areas of France in the Late Triassic. The CollectA Liliensternus dinosaur model.

Additional information


Lil-ee-an-STERN-us (Lilienstern)


Length 16 cm



2 reviews for Liliensternus (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs)

  1. Bodorkós (verified owner)

    Great Triassic model. He was our favourite.

  2. Rich

    Would just like to say how impressed I am with the Collecta dinosaur models.

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