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Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Model


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A Kentrosaurus dinosaur model, a model of the armoured dinosaur Kentrosaurus.  The CollectA Kentrosaurus dinosaur model.

22 in stock


The spiky Jurassic Stegosaurus Kentrosaurus. A super, hand-painted CollectA Kentrosaurus dinosaur model. Great for creative, imaginative play.

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Length 13 cm




"ken-troh-sore-us" (spike lizard)

1 review for Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. Rachel (verified owner)

    Although this model is rather small, it definitely makes up for this with charm. It looks slightly inquisitive and curios with the head tilted to one side, and the deep green colour is nice and doesn’t distract from the tiny details like the pink inside of the mouth, and the tiny black eyes and fine scales all over the body.

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