Collecta Kelenken (Terror Bird)

Collecta Kelenken (Terror Bird)


2 in stock

(5 customer reviews)

A super model of the Terror Bird Kelenken. A wonderful Terror Bird model.

2 in stock


A hand-painted, Terror Bird model. A super model of a Phorusrhacid Terror Bird called Kelenken. A Collecta Kelenken model.

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Kell-en-ken (mythical bird)


Length 21 cm, Height 16 cm

5 reviews for Collecta Kelenken (Terror Bird)

  1. Hoatzin

    Absolutely quality, fantastic model; great size and beautiful detail! An awesome model!

  2. jamraptor

    Got this guy for Christmas, and its luvvly. Beautiful, elegant, and very large, but it looks very aggressive and powerful. Definitely worth every penny.

  3. dinocleb

    amazing model of kelenken, the largest terror bird of all time. brilliant model.

  4. DINO-MAN.

    The new model of (KELENKEN) is a great model to have in your collection,it,s got lots of detail it,s a nice size,and it,s the first time that this animal has been availible as a model (IT’S GREAT.)

  5. marco (verified owner)

    this kelenken is very well done, it’s anatomically correct, and for the price has a very high quality, close to figures that cost 10 times.

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