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CollectA Herrerasaurus Dinosaur Model


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A super model Herrerasaurus. The CollectA Herrerasaurus dinosaur model.

1 in stock


The CollectA Herrerasaurus dinosaur model.  Herrerasaurus one of the first large meat-eating dinosaurs to evolve, the ancestor of T.rex and other carnivores. A Collecta Herrerasaurus model.

Supplied with Everything Dinosaur Herrerasaurus fact sheet.

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4 reviews for CollectA Herrerasaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. cryptojohn

    Nice little fellow, I would like to see him twice the size, nice colour and details.

  2. cryptojohn

    Nice little fellow, i would like to see him twice the size, nice colour and details.

  3. Matthew (verified owner)

    Triassic dinosaurs are usually left out of toy lines. If one is made its always Plateosaurus, but Herrerasaurus is a welcome addition to a great model line. He’s small but really detailed. His teeth are individually painted and he even has the correct number of fingers on his arms. Great model of one of the first large predators.

  4. dinocleb

    amazing model of herrerasaurus, one of the first big carnivorous dinosaurs. brilliant model.

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