Collecta Hatzegopteryx (Pterosaur) model

///Collecta Hatzegopteryx (Pterosaur) model

Collecta Hatzegopteryx (Pterosaur) model


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A model of the huge flying reptile Hatzegopteryx. A flying reptile model, a Hatzegopteryx model Pterosaur.

11 in stock


The huge flying reptile Hatzegopteryx. A Collecta Hatzegopteryx model. A super Pterosaur (Pterodactyl) model.

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Hat-see-gop-ter-rix (Hateg basin wing)


Height 18 cm

2 reviews for Collecta Hatzegopteryx (Pterosaur) model

  1. dinocleb

    amazing model of hatzegopteryx, the largest flying animal of all time.

  2. Alice

    Such a lovely site, nice touch adding dinosaur fact sheets, my daughter loves dinosaurs. I will be recommending Everything Dinosaur to my family and friends.

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