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Dracorex (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs)


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The CollectA Dracorex dinosaur model.  A marvellous, hand-painted and very detailed Dracorex dinosaur model.  The CollectA prehistoric life Dracorex dinosaur model.

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A superb hand-painted model of a “bone-headed” dinosaur Dracorex.  A wonderful CollectA Dracorex dinosaur model.  The CollectA prehistoric life Dracorex dinosaur model.

This model of Dracorex is supplied with a fact sheet researched and produced by the dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur.

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Weight 70 g

Dra-coe-rex (Dragon King of Hogwarts)


Length 14 cm



3 reviews for Dracorex (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs)

  1. kyrparmar (verified owner)

    Wov… what a great model by collecta.i bought 5 dinosaur models from everything dinosaur and all are excellent, durable and well sculpted retired models by collecta .I like in this model specially long head with spikes.great colour texture.standing properly on surface.great dragon king from pachycephalosauridae family.

  2. funky_obali

    With its name and long skull adorned with spikes, you think instinctively of a hoax. An original choice from Collecta and a much more colourful and friendly version than the one from the “Primeval” TV show.

  3. George’s mum

    This model has areally detailed texture to face and great colours. I originally bought 8 dinos and was so impressed with the personalised e-mails, well packaged / great quality products when posted the next day, and to top it all the fact sheet that comes with every dino, for those hard to answer questions (but what did he eat? how big was he? ) etc.
    The amazing quality of the models and the fact I have been unable to find such a large selection of ‘named’ dinos anywhere on the internet have meant I then purchased another 17! You just don’t get this standard of service or this large range of models anywhere else…..all that and the price is unbeatable too!!!

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