CollectA Rearing Diplodocus (Grey)


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A CollectA rearing Diplodocus dinosaur model (grey). A fantastic model of a Diplodocus by CollectA.

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A CollectA rearing Diplodocus dinosaur model (grey). Hand-painted and very detailed a CollectA Diplodocus dinosaur model.  A CollectA Diplodocus (Rearing Diplodocus – Grey).

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Weight 285 g

Rearing Height 23 cm




di-PLOH-de-kus (double beam)

2 reviews for CollectA Rearing Diplodocus (Grey)

  1. marygentle (verified owner)

    Those of us who feel as old as the dinosaurs remember having Diplodocus as our go-to sauropod, in the days before the Dinosaur Revolution.

    In those days Diplodocus drooped along, head and neck low, and tail dragging along the floor. The CollectA Rearing Diplodocus is a model that could only be produced now — instead of dragging himself along, perhaps looking for a lake to support his immense body weight, today’s Diplodocus is rearing up high!

    The pose is excellent. This Diplodocus stands on his hind feet — which maybe shouldn’t have those three claws, but the paleontological jury may still be out. The tail gives him some support at the thick end, and then waves and curls up into the air at the very thin end. the front feet are much more accurate, with no claws except the inward-pointing thumb claw. He could be rearing up to protect himself against a passing theropod dinosaur. But when you look at his open mouth, and the delicate white leaf-stripping teeth, as well as where he’s gazing, its more likely that this Diplodocus is stretching up to get that final morsel off the top of a tree.

    This is a lovely little model. The body is well-muscled, as is the neck. The row of neural spines runs from the back of its skull down to the end of the tail. The wide hips and the (comparatively) tiny head are well sculpted. This is the Grey version (there is also a Green). Despite being essentially only grey and cream, the dark grey at the spine lightening around the body to belly and neck, it is a good colour scheme, and shows the scales up well. A pinkish-terracotta “blush” on the upper throat and jaw may be an ordinary marking, or a display suggesting that this Diplodocus is looking for a mate. CollectA are to be congratulated on making a model in grey that is so subtly interesting.

    Although it makes the feet look slightly awkward, this sauropod model can in fact manage an all-fours pose. In this position, his head is carried high, and his tail whips up over his back in magnificent curves. Nothing at all like the heavy beasts of the 1960s… so three cheers for 21st century palaeontology! I love this dynamic Diplodocus, and I recommend him to anyone at all who likes sauropods.

  2. Elizabeth Pendleton (verified owner)

    A pleasing model. I like the way the paint darkens down on the lower legs to the feet. It’s also good to have a sober paint scheme – it makes a nice change! Also “sober” is not to be confused with “dull and boring”. There is a lot of variety within the grey/buff on the animal. The stock photo doesn’t do these gradations justice. Well worth getting and I’m looking forward to displaying it with my specimen of the previous paint scheme – they will munch away together on the same tree to make a little diorama.

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