CollectA 1:40 Deluxe Styracosaurus

CollectA 1:40 Deluxe Styracosaurus


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A fantastic 1:40 scale model of the horned dinosaur Styracosaurus by CollectA. A CollectA 1:40 Deluxe Styracosaurus dinosaur model. The CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Styracosaurus dinosaur model is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur Styracosaurus fact sheet.

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An amazing 1:40 scale CollectA Styracosaurus dinosaur model. A CollectA Deluxe Styracosaurus, a fantastic scale model of the spectacular horned dinosaur Styracosaurus.

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5 reviews for CollectA 1:40 Deluxe Styracosaurus

  1. Izhak Evenor

    A wonderful model of Styracosaurus, very accurate and very impressive. The body is well done but the master piece is the head which includes accurate frill with long spikes and a long nasal horn. This is indeed a quality model and every serious collection must have it. I highly recommend it. Now it is time for CollectA to create an equally accurate and impressive a Triceratops of the same scale.

  2. ED (verified owner)

    This is possible the best dinosaur model that collecta have made so far and i have a lot of collecta models.I find it hard to believe it did not come first in the best 2017 dinosaur models. I would say its tied with rebors mountain stegosaurus as my top model. I love the up to date look with the quills on the tail. It is a big model not as hefty as the elasmotherium but similar in size. The horns on the frill are realistic and long as is the nose horn.A really really good and well designed figure. For the price this model is worth it. It would be nice if they repainted it in the future giving it more louder colours but the colours are realistic.Speedy service from everything dinosaur.

  3. Huan Peng (verified owner)

    I’m a great fan of ceratopsians and this is certainly among the top three favorites among my collection. Good value for money and hope to see more deluxe dinosaurs from collecta.

  4. James Hay (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic Styracosaurus model from CollectA. Great attention to detail and wonderful paint application really do bring this model to life. This really is a big model, it even makes my Papo Stegosaurus look small!

  5. Roger (verified owner)

    Finally a decent sized ceratopsian. Great pose, detail and accuracy. I hope CollectA continue to produce ceratopsians at this scale so I can finally create a ‘horned collection’. Personally I find smaller versions simply too small to display any good detailing. This is a fantastic model. online images don’t do it justice.

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