CollectA Deluxe Ruyangosaurus

CollectA Deluxe Ruyangosaurus


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A CollectA Deluxe Ruyangosaurus dinosaur model. A wonderful model of a Ruyangosaurus in 1:100 scale. The CollectA Deluxe Ruyangosaurus dinosaur model is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur Ruyangosaurus fact sheet.

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The CollectA Deluxe Ruyangosaurus dinosaur model. A wonderful model of the giant, Chinese titanosaur Ruyangosaurus in 1:100 scale.

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1 review for CollectA Deluxe Ruyangosaurus

  1. Elizabeth Pendleton (verified owner)

    An impressively large and bulky model with a lot of heft in the hand. It conveys exceptionally well the size and power of a titanosaur. The massively thick neck is particularly eye catching. The details are nicely done: always good to see correctly modelled feet. There are also some very nice folds around the belly and legs to suggest movement, without overdoing the seeking for effect. Even the small head and tiny black eye have been imbued with character. While the osteoderms are speculative for Ruyangosaurus, they are attested for other titanosaurs and so are a reasonable way of adding interest and texture to the model. The paint scheme is simple but well executed, for instance no bleeding of the brown of the osteoderms onto the grey skin. I like and admire CollectA’s consistent commitment to producing obscure genera that may be unfamiliar to their buyers. I was delighted when I read that they would be releasing this massive Chinese titanosaur. Chinese genera are sometimes neglected in favour of their more familiar cousins from the Americas. All in all, a model that deserves shelf space and I can heartily recommend it for anyone’s sauropod collection.

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