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A super model of the marine reptile Attenborosaurus. A super marine reptile model Attenborosaurus.  A CollectA Attenborosaurus.

6 in stock

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A super, hand-painted model of the Plesiosaur Attenborosaurus. A CollectA Attenborosaurus, a super model Plesiosaurus. A prehistoric marine reptile named in honour of Sir David Attenborough.

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Weight 85 g

Length 21 cm




at-ten-bur-row-sore-us (Attenborough's Lizard)

2 reviews for CollectA Attenborosaurus

  1. TonyandAlex (verified owner)

    “Attenborough’s Lizard” has a personality and interesting history all its own just like the great man it’s named after. Looks like a Plesiosaur but it’s actually a Pliosaur. Great item for enthusiastic naturalists of all ages. No self respecting marine animal collection should be without one. The fact sheet generously supplied with your purchase will inform and intrigue.

  2. dinocleb

    brilliant model of Attenborosaurus, a marine-reptile named in honour of sir David Attenborough. amazing model.

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