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A CollectA Argentinosaurus model. A model of the largest dinosaur known – Argentinosaurus.

4 in stock

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A model of the largest dinosaur known to science – Argentinosaurus. A CollectA Argentinosaurus dinosaur model. A model of the huge, long-necked dinosaur Argentinosaurus by CollectA.

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Weight 250 g

Length 23 cm, Height of head 18 cm




Ar-jen-tee-no-sore-us (Argentina Lizard)

7 reviews for CollectA Argentinosaurus

  1. Izhak Evenor

    A very good model of Argentinosaurus (and the only one available, as for 2019). It is hard to judge on the paleontological accuracy of this model because not many fossil material is available. I would make it more robust and fat to emphasize how big Argentinosaurus was, and the neck it too slender, it should be more massive. But overall it is a very good model.

  2. Murray (verified owner)

    Excellent model, very well priced. My son is delighted with this.

  3. E Champion (verified owner)

    Brilliant model of the largest land animal so far discovered.If they made a deluxe model it would be huge.The model is a darker colour in front of me than in the picture which i think is good.Im a big fan of collecta deluxe figures but this model is up there with them for detail. In fact i will be buying more of this line as well. I have got this one by my computer and i can shrink myself to scale to this majestic animal and to see how awe inspiring this animal was. Good service by everything dinosaur.

  4. cepimax.13 (verified owner)

    nice paint job and detail of this sauropod model! i highly recommend this figure and even having it along with daxiatitan as well! same great quality figures 🙂

  5. skrill26

    First off CollectA have just really outdone themselves if I was made between CollectA or Carnegie.All I can say is Carnegies Dilong is good but CollectAs go for super cheap prices now on to the toy. Since no complete Argentinosarus skeleton has been found the plates really work ! also some other sauropods Saltasaurus plus Titanosaurus itself so we dont know much about the skeleton itself apart from it was BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Matthew (verified owner)

    First off, WOW! CollectA over the years have really outdown themselves with producing dinosaurs in a realistic manner, and not only that, but obscure ones too! This Argentinosaurus is incredibly detailed and painted. The figure is covered with small scutes, which reflects what scientists asume covered most titanosaurs (Saltasaurus for example). Another thing is this model is probably the largest out of the small scale range from CollectA. I didn’t expect it to be so tall, which was a real surprise! Would definately recommend.

  7. Helen

    A really good model and actually quite large and substantial which is good for this price. Everyone should have one of these – the thought of how big the animal actually was is just amazing.

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