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A hand-painted model of Ampelosaurus. A CollectA Ampelosaurus dinosaur model.

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A CollectA Ampelosaurus dinosaur model. A model of the herbivorous dinosaur known as Ampelosaurus from CollectA.

Additional information

Weight 90 g



Am-pel-oh-sore-us (Vine Lizard)


Length 22 cm, Height of head 7 cm approx.

4 reviews for CollectA Ampelosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. Mary Gentle (verified owner)

    I fell in love with this dwarf titanosaur as soon as it arrived! Ampelosaurus comes from the time when Europe was an archipelago of islands, and island dwarfism affected many of the sauropods. To defend himself, this little guy (around 15 metres long in life) has a row of jutting neural spines down his back and tail, and plenty of osteoderms armouring him. The model gets all of this right, but the charm in in the pose — Ampelosaurus is walking, with his left front foot lifted, showing off the thumb claw, and his head is tilted to the left, looking back. His leaf-eating teeth are just showing. His expression seems almost like a faint smile!

    The colours are a subtle grey and pink, suitable for vanishing into shadows when predators come by. The modelling is particularly good on the head — the nostrils set far forward, with lovely folds of skin around the jaw. All the details have been done well on this model; even the undersides of the feet are correctly modelled.

    (I say “he”, but since I also own the PNSO Age of Dinosaurs tiny Ampelosaur, this figure makes a great diorama of an adult and a hatchling — perhaps he’s a she!)

    Anyone who wants a dwarf sauropod with character, and unusual armouring for a sauropod, will find this model a great addition to their collection.

  2. Rachel (verified owner)

    A beautiful little sculpture – don’t be put of by the fact that this isn’t a huge sauropod the armour plates are wonderfully detailed and painted – definitely one of my favourite models!

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    One of the smaller saurod dinosaurs i have in my collection but size isn’t everything! The level of detail on this model is quite stagering! The scales and spines on the modelsback are sculpted nice giving the dino a very life like look! An excellent little addition to my collection and one im glad to own!

  4. Matthew (verified owner)

    Out of the three titanosaurs I ordered, this is perhaps my favourite. The skin detailed is amazing, really giving it that life-like appearance. For the head detail, the mouth is slightly open, revealing a few teeth, like its getting ready to eat some plants. The colour scheme is based off a drawing of this unusual sauropod. This model is absolutely brilliant and would HIGHLY recommend, not only for the detail, but for its obscurity as a model.

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