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Achelousaurus (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs)


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A super model of the horned dinosaur Achelousaurus. A famous horned dinosaur from the Cretaceous. The CollectA prehistoric life Achelousaurus dinosaur model.

10 in stock

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A great model of the horned dinosaur Achelousaurus. A dinosaur with big, spiky neck frill. A model of the Cretaceous dinosaur Achelousaurus. A CollectA Achelousaurus dinosaur model.

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Ak-ee-low-saw-us (Achelous's Lizard after the Greek horned God Achelous)


Length 15 cm



1 review for Achelousaurus (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs)

  1. Matthew

    This model is a surprising model to make. Most companies go with the standard Triceratops or Styracosaurus, but this is a nice twist. I was excited when this appeared on the website a few months back as it was one I didn’t have. The figure has a good colour scheme, but the only downside is the length of the tail. Its too long. But thats the only negative point. The figure is a good one, and a rare one of a different Ceratopsian.

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