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Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Model – Carnegie Collection


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A highly detailed scale model of the huge and fearsome Acrocanthosaurus. A fierce meat-eating dinosaur, part of the Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles range.

A hand-painted, high quality replica of Acrocanthosaurus – ideal for imaginative, creative play. An Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur model.

4 in stock

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A scale model of the huge and dangerous Acrocanthosaurus. A fierce meat-eating dinosaur from the Cretaceous.
A scale model Acrocanthosaurus from the Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles model series. Part of the Carnegie Dinosaur Collection. An Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur model.

Additional information

Weight 130 g

Length 20 cm




Ak-row-can-tho-sore-us (high-spined lizard)

3 reviews for Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Model – Carnegie Collection

  1. Thomas Clarke Williams

    Im sure this model was great when it was released but now days this figure actually reminds me of the British theropod Becklespinax more than it does Acrocanthosaurus

  2. Dinofan

    Modèle très réaliste d’un théropode carnivore, cousin plus massif de l’allosaure, ayant vécu au Crétacé inférieur. Livré avec une fiche informative très instructive.

  3. William & Patrick’s mum (verified owner)

    Great quality and detailed model with extremely informative fast sheet! Can’t wait to see my twins faces when they open their presents on their birthday!!! Am so pleased William found your website while googling for dinosaurs. Many thanks for the speedy delivery & superb service! We will certainly be back for more.

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