Bullyland Therizinosaurus

///Bullyland Therizinosaurus

Bullyland Therizinosaurus


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A superb model of a Therizinosaurus, developed in co-operation with the National Museum for Natural History – Stuttgart. A hand-painted model of a Therizinosaurus with articulated arms.

2 in stock


A wonderful model of a Therizinosaurus with huge claws. The arms are articulated and can move up and down. A superb 1:30 scale model of a Therizinosaurus, a bizarre dinosaur. A Bullyland Therizinosaurus model.

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ther-iz-in-oh-sore-us (Scythe reptile)


Length 25 cm, Height at head 13 cm – 1:30 museum scale



4 reviews for Bullyland Therizinosaurus

  1. TonyandAlex

    Detailed, nicely painted model of this interesting dinosaur. The moveable arms add that extra bit of fun, recommended for children of all ages.

  2. therizinosaurus

    I really like this model!

  3. Helen

    A captivating model – shows how weird dinosaurs truly were! The service at Everything Dinosaur is excellent. They are very knowledgable, quick to respond to questions and quick to dispatch items. They also seem rather cheaper than other websites. Heartily recommended.


    Easily the best Theri on the market. The detail and sculpt are near perfect. Polite/efficient service from Everything Dinosaur as well!

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