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Beasts of the Mesozoic Triceratops horridus sub-adult


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The Beasts of the Mesozoic Triceratops horridus sub-adult. A fantastic 1:18 scale articulated model of Triceratops horridus sub-adult.

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A fantastic Beasts of the Mesozoic Triceratops horridus sub-adult. The hand-painted Beasts of the Mesozoic sub-adult Triceratops horridus has 20 points of articulation. The Beasts of the Mesozoic Ceratopsian Series sub-adult Triceratops horridus.

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2 reviews for Beasts of the Mesozoic Triceratops horridus sub-adult

  1. Izhak Evenor

    Creative Beast Studio 2020 Triceratops (sub-adult). I am now the proud owner of this lovely Triceratops sub-adult figure. This Triceratops model is very accurate and I really like it. They sculpted a very impressive head, and the horns are beautiful, long and sharp. The coloration of the head and horns with black make it harder to appreciate the fine details from 2D images but believe me they are great: the upper surface of the head was coated with a keratin sheath (a hard and though protein that form the horns in modern bovids such as cattle and antelopes), suggesting it was used as a form of composite armor. The forelimbs are correct with 5 digits, only 3 of them are hooved with unguals. The hindlimbs has the correct number of digits (4) but they made all of them hooved though one of them should be almost vestigial. The skin is scaled with the occasional large scutes with nipple-like keels, as discovered on “Lane” HMNS’s mummified Triceratops in 2012. The painting is well done and applied with care (no visible glitches or spill-overs). Though I would use less black the overall result is pleasing with nice combinations of counter-shading yellow and blotches of blue on the back. The red-to-pink mouth is clean. The level of details and finishing are high and you can feel the quality of it. This is an action figure with 20 points of articulation (though the joint are pretty stiff), which make it attractive for play, although “All Things Dinosaurs” (UK-based dinosaur shop) warned that this is not a children’s toy but more a display figure, so be cautious when you handle it. This figure is solid and stable while being not too heavy to hold. In addition to the figure itself the box includes a collectors card with beautiful artwork by Ramon Ramos and some information about the dinosaur (they should have listed 68-66 MYA instead of just 68 MYA). Overall, this is a superb display figure and I am very pleased with it. It has met my expectations and can be considered as one of the finest Triceratops figures available.

    Conclusion: highly recommend for any dinosaur lover and especially to those who consider Triceratops as their favorite. Get while it is still in stock and in production, because it is an affordable high quality very accurate beautiful Triceratops scale model.
    Mark: 10/10.
    Length: 26-27 cm (10.5″) from snout to tail.

  2. Elizabeth Pendleton

    I had high expectations of the Beasts of the Mesozoic Ceratopsian series and I couldn’t be better pleased with the result. The sub-adult Triceratops is a stunner. It’s a very solid-feeling, chunky model – plenty of heft and presence. The detail is astonishing, especially the scales on the face, which make an excellent visual contrast with the smooth matt black of the frill. The colours are simple but highly effective – the judicious use of blue highlights really lift the black and beige. The result is a very balanced visual impact. The paint is also so carefully applied – perfectly placed on the toes, inside the mouth etc. The tail comes separately but is very simple to fit. (The instructions are clear.) I currently have mine charging along at a gallop, one hind leg high in the air. He’s really stable and solid on three legs. The articulations came with just the right level of stiffness: stiff enough to hold him, easy enough to manipulate. Packaging was excellent with good artwork and a nice pull-out cardboard with a forest printed on it, on which he would look good displayed. There’s plenty of Triceratops models and toys around, some of them excellent – and I have a good number in my collection – but this is not one to miss if you are a serious collector of dinosaurs. It’s not a children’s toy – but it’s a very special piece of dinosaur art.

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