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  • Superb, model prehistoric animals developed in co-operation with the National Museum for Natural History - Stuttgart. A finely detailed, hand-painted 1:20 scale model of a Velociraptor with feathers. Part of the Bullyland Dinosaurs Museum Line model range. Great for imaginative, creative play.
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    Bullyland Liopleurodon. Bullyland Liopleurodon model with articulated jaw.
    A super model of a fearsome Liopleurodon by Bullyland. A Bullyland Liopleurodon model complete with an articulated lower jaw.
  • Bullyland Lambeosaurus. Bullyland Lambeosaurus model.

    Bullyland Lambeosaurus

    A hand-painted model of Lambeosaurus, a duck-billed dinosaur with a bizarre headcrest. A Museum Line Lambeosaurus dinosaur model
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    Elasmosaurus (Plesiosaurus)

    A super model of the marine reptile, Elasmosaurus. A sea monster from the Cretaceous, a Plesiosaur. Developed with the co-operation of the National Museum for Natural History in Stuttgart - a finely detailed 1:30 scale model of this long necked Plesiosaur. Great for creative, imaginative play. Own your own sea monster!
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    Large Ammonite Model

    A robust replica of a Jurassic Ammonite. A super addition to any fossil fan's collection. Ideal for creative play, school or home study.
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