Dinosaur skeleton models to buy online.  A great range of dino-horizon and fossil find dinosaur skeleton model kits for you to build.   See what it is like to be a real palaeontologist as you construct your very own dinosaur display with these dinosaur skeleton model kits.  No glue required, follow the simple instructions and assemble the bones to construct your very own realistic dinosaur skeleton. Fans of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models also checked out our Prehistoric Animal Models.

Skeleton models come complete with a dinosaur handbook and Everything Dinosaur fact sheet written by our own dinosaur experts.

These dinosaur skeleton model kits give you the chance to be a palaeontologist by creating your very own display.   Assemble the bones of the prehistoric animals in these dinosaur model kits to develop your own dinosaur and prehistoric animal museum.  Lots of different dinosaurs to collect including T. rex, Triceratops and Velociraptor.

These kits make a great dinosaur party gift and are ideal for school and dinosaur themed school projects.  Carefully extract the bones and build a dinosaur skeleton model using the simple instructions which are provided.  Each of the dinosaur skeleton models is supplied with its own informative dinosaur fact sheet written by our experts.   Kits are easy to put together, no glue is required and they make a great present for any young dinosaur expert or budding palaeontologist.  Why not combine these dinosaur skeleton models with a Fossil Replica or collect prehistoric animal models to see what these animals may have looked like CollectA Prehistoric Life all available to buy online from Everything Dinosaur.

For further information, dinosaur data, tips and advice on the dinosaurs or any other product within the extensive Everything Dinosaur range such as Back to School accessories, contact our office team, simply email: Everything Dinosaur


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