Dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed arts, learning dinosaur board games, dinosaur crafts for kids, and science kits, including replica fossils and fossil excavation kits. A range of educational and fun dinosaur themed crafts, dino board games, dino puzzles and science kits all tested and approved by the qualified teachers and dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur. Dinosaur crafts and learning dinosaur games can be used to help young children learn through creative, imaginative play. Learn more about Earth sciences with these dinosaur crafts for kids. The science kits and dino puzzles can help young students gain an appreciation of prehistoric animals and the work of palaeontologists and museum staff as they excavate their own fossils build their own prehistoric animal skeletons and develop their own fossil collections Skeleton and Excavation Kits.

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Simple and fun dino board games, dino puzzles, dinosaur crafts for kids and dinosaur themed science kits all designed to help young children learn more about Earth sciences through creative play. With dinosaur crafts and educational materials ranging from Dinosaur Books and Posters to help you create and make your very own themed room to baking sets so that your young palaeontologists can make their own prehistoric animal shaped biscuits and cakes with dinosaur themed cookie cutters.

Many of the science kits and dinosaur crafts contain the same tools used by dinosaur experts as they excavate around fossil bones.  Museum quality Dinosaur Fossil Replicas, casts of actual fossils found in museums are available along with a wide selection of dinosaur crafts for kids, science kits and science based hobby activities.

Educational, dinosaur crafts for kids selected by the qualified teachers, educationalists and dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur.  Dig out your own mini dinosaur with fossil find kits, discover museum quality replicas of fossils including dinosaur claws and teeth.  Highly authentic, detailed model kits of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, dino board games and dino puzzles available from Everything Dinosaur.  Assemble and display realistic models of prehistoric monsters.

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